History / Mission

Created in 2004, TerraCaching is a unique caching community defined by its self-regulating/self-policing philosophy. Our community determines what types of caches are available by voting and awarding points to each cache. This is accomplished through the TerraCaching Point System (TPS), originally known in the Northwestern United States as the Skydiver's Geocaching Point System (SGPS). SGPS was a side game that awarded points to cachers based on the difficulty of the caches they found. Due to it’s increasing popularity, TerraCaching.com was created to expand this game to the international caching community. We are excited to provide an alternative to the next generation of caching enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a community of passionate cachers with a competitive atmosphere and tools that allow them to place and find unique, high quality caches. The entire community judges the worthiness of caches, which means there are no written rules or guidelines as to the type of caches members are allowed to post here. This has fostered an exciting atmosphere of innovation at TerraCaching.com. Due to this, there are several types of caches listed on this site, including Traditional, Locationless, and Cyber Caches. Each has it’s own unique appeal and dedicated member following. Join us and check out more details about each type!

SponsorShip System

To gain full access to the site, you'll need two existing members to sponsor your membership, but this is a simple process. The Sponsorship Model allows a delegation of responsibility to members for ensuring each community has high quality caches, and nothing inappropriate or illegal. Your sponsors will be responsible for reviewing and approving any caches that you want to list. The administration at TerraCaching.com does not review every cache posted. We trust members of the Community to do that and to only sponsor other members who will do the same. Your sponsors will also serve as mentors to you if you have questions or just need a hand while you're new here. Think of them as your built in TerraCaching buddies! If you are new to the site, post a message in "Applications for Sponsorship" in TerraTalk on the Community Page. This allows you to introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, describe what kind of caches you like/don't like and generally eases the process of finding a sponsor. It's recommended (though not necessary) to have at least one sponsor that lives in the same region as you. These members typically have knowledge of the area, and are therefore better prepared to review your caches. You can withdraw from your sponsors at any time if you wish to switch to another -- like someone more local or that has a similar caching philosophy. Once two full members have sponsored you, you'll be a full member, free to view caches posted, post your own unique caches and even sponsor additional members once you get the hang of things!

Cache Quality

The mantra of many TerraCaching members is "Quality Before Quantity." TerraCaching employs the TPS rating system mentioned above that encourages a focus on the quality of caches that members post. Although there is an emphasis on quality caches, that does not mean we only allow spectacular caches. The TerraCaching Community attempts to cast aside any preconceived notions that certain types of caches or hiding spots are inherently bad (or good), and instead judges each cache separately on its own merits. As this community typically appreciates unique caches, they will rate caches accordingly. Both the sponsorship and rating system are in place to regulate the placement of illegal, dangerous, or undesirable caches. We find that this decentralized approach works best for our community. As a new member of our community, you should be aware that “cross listing” (duplicate cache listings here from other listing sites, or visa versa) is discouraged. The TerraCaching Community generally prefers that caches listed here be exclusive to this site. However, since every cache is judged on its own merits, exceptions are always possible. For instance, the community actually encourages cross posting event caches.


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